Our Mission

To build a community of next generation leaders to advance innovative clean energy solutions.

The Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) is a professional development organization based in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA. CELI’s mission is to empower and connect diverse young professionals seeking leadership roles in the clean energy field.  CELI’s Fellowship Program provides early-career professionals with interdisciplinary educational training, leadership development, and a supportive professional community.

To accomplish this vision, CELI provides a 14-week Fellowship Training Program for young professionals with diverse backgrounds and equips them with leadership skills and technical knowledge of the electricity sector. The program consists of weekly two-hour seminar sessions taught by influential thought leaders and expert practitioners in the field, and a half-day leadership development training.

Upon acceptance, CELI Fellows join an active, connected network that offers ongoing educational and leadership development events. In addition, CELI facilitates connections between our Fellows and the Professionals Network to enable career mentorship.  Through our unique approach of providing education and fostering a dynamic community of experts and peers, CELI is bridging the gap between today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.


CELI was started in Washington D.C. in 2013 with the conviction that solving complex global energy and climate challenges requires a workforce that is powered by diverse and effective leaders.

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity, and our generation will be on the front lines for some of the worst consequences. Technological innovation, financial creativity, and increasing public engagement present a unique window for solving complex global energy and climate challenges. But we need young professionals entering the workforce equipped with new tools and expertise to capitalize on these trends and lead the transition to a global clean energy economy.

Since 2013, CELI has trained over 250 young professionals across government, nonprofit, and private sector organizations. In March 2017, CELI expanded its operations to the San Francisco Bay Area.

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CELI is based out of the Powerhouse Incubator in Oakland, CA.  Powerhouse is a community for entrepreneurs building solutions for the clean energy industry.

Mailing address is: 426 17th St #700, Oakland, CA 94612

For all inquiries, please contact our Executive Director, Liz Dalton at liz@cleanenergyleaders.org.

Our Policies

CELI is an education-focused organization dedicated to the promotion of young professionals. Therefore, we believe it is essential to provide a safe, tolerant, and welcoming community for our Fellows. The CELI community is defined by a shared set of values and a culture that embodies integrity, honesty, respect, and inclusion for all members of the community, regardless of their background or role within the organization. For more information, please see our organizational policies. 


No longer can organizations like CELI be viewed as afterthoughts for the burgeoning community of young energy professionals; a successful clean energy future is predicated on this community’s ability to connect over a common knowledge base and shared commitment to a cause. CELI’s educational, professional, and social opportunities have allowed me to identify more strongly with the relevant issues and the exceptional individuals that are part of the solutions.
Talia Fox

CELI is an incredible program; not only is the content and caliber of the lectures excellent, you’re exposed to leading thinkers in the field, and have the opportunity to make strong connections with an exceptional group of young professionals.
Gwen Brown

CELI is the single best networking affiliation for a young professional pursuing Clean Energy in the DC area. The 14 week class is incredible with diverse speakers and lively discussions, but the ongoing conversations and access to knowledge within the ever-expanding alumni and expert network is an incredible asset.
Barrett LaChance