Being a CELI Fellow

Upon acceptance, CELI Fellows join an active, connected network that offers ongoing educational and leadership development events. In addition, CELI Fellows develop close ties and friendships that will endure throughout their professional lives. Click here to read testimonials from our membership.


What the Clean Energy Leadership Institute Offers:

Fellowship Training Program 

All Fellows must complete the 14-week Fellowship Training Program. Fellows acquire a strong, interdisciplinary knowledge of energy markets and policy and are better equipped to offer pragmatic, innovative solutions for building a clean energy economy.  The program is offered in Washington D.C. and the San Francisco Bay Area. Applications are currently open for the Fall 2018 Fellowship Program; click here for application information.

Professional & Leadership Development 

In addition to the 14-week Fellowship Training Program, Fellows have access to ongoing education and leadership development events. These events include policy seminars, site tours, and skills trainings led or hosted by influential energy experts. Furthermore, through a regularly monthly small-group dinner series, CELI facilitates connections between Fellows and the Professionals Network to enable career mentorship.

Community & Networking 

Upon acceptance, CELI Fellows are immediately plugged into an active and engaging community of peers and industry leaders. These connections happen during the 14-week Fellowship program, Alumni events, happy hours, and organically through our rapidly-growing network.

How Fellows Contribute:

Our Fellows are uniquely positioned to deepen their understanding of clean energy policy through our program, and, from the beginning, they are poised to contribute to the clean energy discussion in a meaningful way. As a CELI Fellow, individuals participate in one or more of the following opportunities:

Write in the Media

CELI Fellows have a strong track record of writing and being published on leading clean energy blogs and mainstream outlets. Fellows have exclusive access to our regular column with The Energy Collective called “New Energy Voices.” CELI staff works with media outlets to facilitate partnerships and to help Fellows propose new ideas, get published, and strengthen their online profiles. You can find all of our blogs here.

Coordinate Events

Our Fellows propose ideas, select guest speakers, and moderate monthly ongoing policy community discussions. These sessions feature energy experts who discuss a timely policy or dive further into a particular area of personal interest. Fellows have access to our continuously growing network of CELI Experts or may invite outside professionals.


Our Fellows are connected to a growing community of their peers and experts in the field of clean energy. Fellows are encouraged to share information about CELI with their professional and personal contacts to help spread our message and values and to connect other CELI Fellows with career opportunities.


CELI is by far the best thing I’ve done for my career. The relationships, knowledge and experiences I’ve had in the past 14 weeks will last a lifetime. I look forward to watching the CELI community grow, and can’t wait to see what all of these incredible people will achieve!

Molly Hubbard

Spring 2017 Fellow

The CELI fellowship has provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge on multiple aspects of the clean energy industry and engage in meaningful conversations with peers and experts of diverse backgrounds/training. My fellowship experience has truly been rewarding and it has positively impacted my career by giving me the resources to confidently take the next step. I am grateful to become part of this intelligent, informative and innovative driven community of clean energy leaders.

Wendy Hado

Spring 2017 Fellow

CELI does an excellent job fostering a community among those beginning their careers in the clean energy industry. It is important for the industry to build this network of young professionals as clean energy moves into the mainstream. CELI enriched my knowledge of clean energy and allowed me to make meaningful connections with my peers in the field. My experience in CELI will continue to benefit me throughout my career.

Rob Stupar

Spring 2017 Fellow