Meet Our Team

The Clean Energy Leadership Institute is led by a young and passionate team of professionals who are dedicated to advancing a clean energy economy, beginning with our peers. Together, we manage the Fellowship program, recruitment, events, community engagement, and day-to-day operations. Want to learn more about what we do or how to get involved? Drop us a line!

Jackie Weidman

Executive Director, Clean Energy Leadership Institute

Mishal Thadani

Fellowship Training Program Coordinator (DC)

Operations Business Analyst, Direct Energy Solar

Sarah Guzick

Fellowship Training Program Coordinator (SF)

Project Development Engineer, SolarCity

Austin Ditz

Fellowship Program Recruitment Manager 

Project Manager, Sol Systems

Alejandra (Ale) Ferrara

Fellowship Program Data & Analytics Manager


Product & Energy Efficiency Specialist, Opower

Becca Ward

Head of Leadership Development

Legislative Assistant U.S. Senate

Ashley Haugo

Education Advisor

Energy Program Analyst Army National Guard (Arrowpoint Corporation)

Bettina Bergo

Community Events Coordinator

Center for Market Innovation Green Bank Advocate, Natural Resources Defense Council

Leah Fisher

Fellowship Training Program Coordinator (DC)

Clean Energy Analyst U.S. DOE (CSRA Contractor)

Chris Denny-Brown

Fellowship Training Program Coordinator (SF)

Founder, Cleantekker

Cecelia (CeCe) Coffey

Fellowship Program Selections Chair

Research Assistant, ICF International

Jay Sher

Run for Clean Energy 5k Manager

Energy Industry Analyst, FERC

Annie Guo

Leadership Development Coordinator

Master’s Candidate, Yale School of Forestry

Mike Rogers

Social Events Coordinator

Legislative Correspondent, Office of Senator Jack Reed

Rachel Pierson

Social Events Coordinator

Senior Research Analyst, Beacon Policy Advisors

“The future of climate and energy policy starts with us. But there aren’t always resources available to help aspiring policymakers navigate their careers. We have no shortage of passionate young people who want to make a difference, only a shortage of professional development opportunities to support their growth. CELI exists to address this gap.” Adam James

Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors