Meet Our Fellows

Our Fellows develop personal and professional connections to help build an active and engaged community of next generation leaders in the clean energy economy. Through professional development and educational opportunities, our Fellows acquire an interdisciplinary knowledge of energy markets and policy and are empowered to approach challenges in a pragmatic and innovative way.

Meet our Spring 2018 DC Fellows.


Meet our Spring 2018 SF Fellows.


“CELI is a unique opportunity to engage with the renewable energy sector outside of work, and familiarize with the range of activities in DC.  I feel more confident in my ability to build a clean energy career because of the in-depth knowledge and genuine connections gained from CELI.”

Lauren Shwisberg

Fall 2013 Fellow

CELI has given me exposure to the full breadth of the clean energy industry, from emerging technology to of-the-moment legislation and policy. Only months ago, as a newcomer to DC, I felt like an outsider; however, the weekly CELI seminars have connected me to peers and experts in the industry and helped me reach fluency in these hot issues.”

Will Fischer

Spring 2014 Fellow

“CELI was a fantastic opportunity that gave me a chance to learn about the energy sector from a number of different perspectives. Whether it was renewable energy finance, Department of Energy research, solar installation, or advocacy and think tank work, CELI exposed me to a number of new ideas and allowed me to deepen my understanding of the field. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Mark Fowler

Spring 2014 Fellow

“CELI is exactly what I needed as I begin my career in clean energy. It gave me the opportunity to learn about a dozen different concepts and perspectives, hear from an impressive network of professionals, and meet some great friends and future colleagues. I’d recommend CELI to any likeminded clean energy enthusiast trying to navigate a career in this small town.”

Zadie Oleksiw

Spring 2014 Fellow