Spring 2015 Fellows

Monica Andrews

Senior Associate, Solar Energy, ICF International

Emily Basham

Program Manager, Winning Connections

Tegan Campi

Power & Gas Operations Analyst, Nextility

Corey Cantor

Economic Policy Analyst & Assistant to the President, NDN

Talia Fox

Research Associate, Environmental Law Institute

William Graves

Senior Associate, Project Finance, Sol Systems

Anand Gupta

Research Assistant , ICF International

Param Jaggi

CEO, Ecoviate

Katherine Klausing

Procurement Director, Groundswell

Max Lander

Research Assistant, Climate and Energy Program, Worldwatch Institute

Chris Marshall

Program Coordinator, US Energy Association

Danielle Leisten

Energy Efficiency Analyst, ICF International

Kiley Larson

Program Analyst, U.S. Dept of Agriculture

Cara Marcy

Renewable Electricity Analyst, U.S. Energy Information Administration

Kevin Mayer

Systems Engineer, Nextility

Amanda McCrum

Research Coordinator , University of Maryland Energy Research Center

Amberli Young

Program Associate, Institute for Market Transformation

Patrick McKinney

Commercial Projects Manager, greeNEWit

Peter Morice

Founder , Process Control Engineer, Forgeron, LLC

Gerard Neely

Operations Analyst, Nextility

Emily Orler

Environmental Protection Specialist, DOE, Office of NEPA Policy & Compliance

Vedant Rathi

Research Analyst, The Brattle Group

Michael Rogers

Legislative Correspondent, Office of Senator Jack Reed

Kushal Seetharam

PhD Candidate, MIT

Katie Theiss

Communications Associate, Opower

Jesse Vogel

Executive Assistant, Tax Equity Advisors

Emily Wirzba

Policy Associate, Friends Committee on National Legislation