2019 DC Leadership Team Openings

CELI is gearing up for an exciting 2019 and looking to fill a handful of positions on our DC Volunteer Leadership Team! Please find Position Descriptions below and feel free to reach out to Becca or Liz for any questions! CELIons are encouraged to apply below by January 11, 2019.

5k Chair

The 5k Chair is responsible for executing on all logistics for the annual CELI DC 5k including securing space & permits, developing any necessary collateral (separate web page, brochures, etc), marketing to participants, and ensuring ticket sale targets are met. In addition, the lead organizer and volunteer team will secure partnerships, sponsorships, and free food or gifts from local vendors (restaurants, running companies, athletic stores, etc). Lastly, the 5k team will be responsible for increasing the revenue per runner from prior years using various marketing strategies such as company team competitions, individual team competitions, DC vs SF competition, and other creative strategies.

This person needs to be highly organized and manage a team of volunteers to successfully pull off race day.

Fellowship + Capstone Coordinators

The CELI Leadership Team is seeking applications for two Fellowship Training Program Coordinators in D.C., who will work alongside Troy Hodges. This is an amazing opportunity to build relationships with both expert speakers and new Fellowship classes, shape CELI's Capstone project and new year-long fellowship, and be an integral part of the leadership team.

The Fellowship Training Program Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the development and execution of CELI’s *new* 21-week Fellowship Training Program in Washington D.C. All three coordinators will work to ensure the smooth running of the fellowship, communicating with fellows, and representing CELI as members of the leadership team.

In addition to helping run the weekly sessions, one FTP Coordinator will focus on managing the Capstone Project, communicating with project mentors, planning and running workshops, and organizing the pitch/presentation night at the end of the semester.

Coordinators work closely with the other members of the leadership team, including ongoing education and event coordinators, and the DC Director (Becca) to organize the leadership seminars, and the San Francisco Bay Area Coordinators on curriculum development. Coordinators are also the primary points of contact for any questions, concerns, and feedback from all DC Fellows throughout the 21-week program.

Coordinators can expect to commit an average of 5-10 hours of time per week throughout the fellowship. Because there are many logistics and communications that go into planning the FTP, we require that the FTP coordinators are organized, communicative, and professional.

Mentorship Coordinator

In efforts to enhance alumni, current fellow, and professional-network engagement, CELI will be launching a series of mentorship initiatives.

  • Mentorship Dinners: A bi-monthly mentorship dinner with 1-2 professional network members, and 7-8 CELI fellows/alumni. The dinners will be on a first-come/first serve basis and will allow CELI members to learn and network with CELI’s professional network, ask career and professional advice, and interact across classes with other CELI fellows.

  • Alumni-Fellow engagement: CELI aims to create a matching system to pair CELI alumni with current fellows to both spur cross-class networking, and act as a “CELI peer mentor.”

  • Eventual broader CELI mentoring program: CELI will ideally create a program to engage senior alumni and the professional network with CELI alumni.

Therefore, CELI is seeking a Mentorship coordinator to help organize, develop and oversee these programs. This position will work closely with the FTP coordinators and DC Director. The position should require less than 5 hours a week, plus attendance of mentorship events.

Leadership + Education Coordinator

In efforts to enhance alumni, current fellow, and community engagement, CELI is seeking a dedicated leadership team member to organize and execute Leadership and Educational events on a regular schedule. This position would be responsible for executing the following events, with support from the DC director and overall CELI community.

  • Two Alumni-only leadership trainings annually

  • One Alumni-only energy “deep dive” on topics to be identified, as well as one public energy educational event.  

  • Quarterly Community Webinars on select topics

This position has the potential to be split into two positions, covering education and leadership, respectively. Please indicate in your application if you are only interested in education or leadership.

Social Events Coordinators

CELI is looking to replace the irreplaceable Rachel Pierson and Michael Rogers as social event coordinators. These two positions will work together to provide opportunities for social activities for CELI on a monthly/bi-monthly basis.

This includes happy hours and the Holiday party, but we are specifically interested in individuals who are creative and can help create more inclusive (and less alcohol related) events, including tours, community service, skills/classes, potlucks, hiking/biking, Friendsgivings, etc.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CELI! Please complete the following brief application, describing your interest in a specific position and briefly stating your relevant experience or interest. Please keep answers succinct – a few sentences is sufficient for all questions!

If you have specific questions, please contact liz@cleanenergyleaders.org or becca@cleanenergyleaders.org.

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