This is Just the Beginning


As the Clean Energy Leadership Institute approaches its one-year anniversary, it is time to look back on what we accomplished in 2013 and what we can expect in the year ahead. CELI was created to address a need. A new generation of leaders in the clean energy space will be essential if we are going to implement real solutions to climate change in time. And while many of the skills needed to implement these solutions will be the same, the approach used in applying them cannot be.

In 2013, CELI accepted 50 individuals into our Members Program, ten into our Fellows Program, and added 32 experts to our Professionals Network. Our Advisory Board was formed and we have a ten person staff working diligently to keep the wheels turning behind the scenes. We formed a media partnership with The Energy Collective to host our members writing, launched a Fellows Program to engage our alumni, and redesigned our website.

In sum: It has been a whirlwind year.

The highlight has, of course, been our members. The questions they’ve asked, articles they’ve written, and ideas they’ve generated have proven that our value proposition is correct. We think that if you give young people a chance—they will step up. And so they have.

2014 promises to be a watershed year for CELI, as we solidify the aspects of our program that have worked and pursue new strategies for success. We will continue to offer quality services to our Members and Fellows, and add new mentors to our Professionals Network. We are exploring ways to broaden our engagement with people outside the DC area through podcasts and webinars, and deepen our relationships in the DC area through developing new partnerships. Throughout it all, our organization's mission is the same, “to elevate the next generation of leaders in the clean energy field.”

I am proud of the progress we have made so far, and feel honored to have played a role. But this is just the beginning.