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All Paths Lead to … Energy Innovation!

By Salome Saliashvili and Apoorv Bhargava When entering a new place, should you push or pull the door? There’s usually a moment of hesitation. As clean energy enters a period of tremendous innovation, there is also a question of push vs. pull. The Department of Energy (DoE) is actively testing out both approaches. DoE has the unique ability to use programs such as the Loan Guarantee to push technologies to market, but also to pull solutions from the market through awards and incentives.

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Winning the Language War of Clean Energy Finance

By Hannah Hunt and Mike Jerue “Vocabulary is the principal way that wars are won.” This observation by Jonathan Silver, CEO of Greenbanc Global, came near the end of an engaging discussion with CELI fellows about the fundamentals of clean energy finance. Mr. Silver expertly pointed out that it is crucial for clean energy leaders to understand the terminology that is associated with project finance because it is such a significant and rapidly changing part of the clean energy industry. Mr. Silver drew from experiences in a distinguished career, which included stints as both the head of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Loan Guarantee Program and also as a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Third Way, to help explain finance principles and terminology.

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