Program Overview

CELI’s signature Fellowship Program attracts young professionals with diverse backgrounds and equips them with technical knowledge of the clean energy sector and leadership development training.

Beginning in 2019, CELI will be moving to an annual Fellowship model, offering a highly selective 21-week program for working professionals taught by influential thought leaders and expert practitioners in the field. Fellows are challenged to think critically about current energy policy and market structures, to identify existing barriers to clean energy deployment and innovation, and to formulate and propose new solutions. Through the program, Fellows will learn the fundamentals of clean energy technology, policy, and finance, plus leadership development and skills trainings in areas such as public speaking, persuasive writing, business pitching, and advocacy.

Upon acceptance, CELI Fellows join an active, connected network that offers ongoing educational and leadership development events. In addition, CELI facilitates connections between our Fellows and a robust professional network to enable career mentorship.  Through our unique approach of providing education and fostering a dynamic community of experts and peers, CELI is bridging the gap between today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.