2019 SF Leadership Team Openings

CELI is gearing up for an exciting 2019 and looking to fill a handful of positions on our SF Volunteer Leadership Team! Please find Position Descriptions below and feel free to reach out to Nate or Liz for any questions! CELIons are encouraged to apply below by January 11, 2019.

5k CO-ChairS

The 5k Chair is responsible for successful management and execution of all the logistics for the CELI’s 5k held in May 2019, in close coordination with, and support from, the SF Director. This person needs to be highly organized, has history of managing teams, and a tenacity to pull off one of CELI’s headline events.

Key Responsibilities include the:  

  • Recruitment, selection and management of a CELI 5K Volunteer team that will help ensure a successful 5K event.

  • Identification, and selection of an event location, and securing all necessary event registration permits.

  • Development of a fundraising strategy to achieve the event’s goal of raising $20,000. The 5K Chair will have access to all past resources in the development including key contacts in the development of this strategy.

  • Development of marketing and promotional materials for the event (website language, brochures, company team competitions, individual team competitions, DC vs SF competition, and other creative strategies) that will be utilized in the marketing to participants, and companies to ensure a successful event. Marketing materials will be in developed in alignment with CELI’s larger marketing strategy, and with support from CELI’s Communication + Marketing Manager.

FEllowship Coordinator

The Fellowship Coordinator helps execute the 2019 SF Fellowship Program alongside Hunter Connell, Mark Hughes, and Chelsea Petrenko. This is an amazing opportunity to build relationships with both expert speakers and new Fellowship cohort, shape CELI's Capstone project and new year-long fellowship, and be an integral part of the leadership team.

The Fellowship Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the development and execution of CELI’s *new* 21-week Fellowship Program in San Francisco. All coordinators will work to ensure the smooth running of the fellowship, communicating with fellows and representing CELI as members of the leadership team. In addition to helping run the weekly sessions, the new coordinator will help execute one of the (Capstone Projects Writing & Speaking Projects) as needed.

Key Responsibilities Include the:

  1. Planning and prepping for the semester.  Preparing for the semester includes front loading as much of the logistical work for the semester as possible. Tasks would include the creation of Hivebrite Events, reaching out to confirm speakers and locations, uploading readings for the program.  

  2. Weekly Calls.  Join weekly Thursday calls with the other Coordinators and the SF Director to review the most recent session and ensure responsibilities have been designated for the upcoming week.

  3. Orientation. The Fellowship Coordinators work together with the Executive Director and SF Director to plan orientation. Attendance to the orientation on the afternoon of Friday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 23rd are mandatory as it is the responsibility of the Coordinators to present the requirements of the Fellowship program and help with the operation of Orientation itself.

  4. Coordinating Semester Speakers. This is often the most time-intensive task. Coordinators identify quality speakers (with the help of others on the leadership team and other CELI fellows) and reach out to them, schedule times to discuss CELI and the session they’ve been asked to speak at, assist with PowerPoints when needed, etc.

  5. Identifying locations. Coordinators work with locations we commonly use but also work to identify new spots.

  6. Attending sessions/logistics. Coordinators must commit to attending, and arriving early to as many of the 21-week sessions as possible to help with set-up and logistics, etc.

  7. Other tasks include - Communicating with the fellows weekly, following-up with speakers, posting to Linkedin, and eventually recruiting and transitioning duties to new Coordinators.


  1. Availability. Coordinators must have the availability and flexibility to meet with speakers during the week in person or via a phone call, reliably attend sessions, and be responsive to both speakers and fellows via phone and email. We estimate that the time commitment for this position is 5-10 hours per week depending on that week's responsibilities.

  2. Motivation. Being a Coordinator requires motivation and excitement about CELI and running the program as the commitments may compete with other parts of your life in any given week. The Leadership team is here to support and organize, but it will be up to you to make the semester great.

  3. Organized. There are many logistics and communications that go into planning the Fellowship. We require that the Coordinators are organized, communicative, and professional.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CELI! Please complete the following brief application, describing your interest in a specific position and briefly stating your relevant experience or interest. Please keep answers succinct – a few sentences is sufficient for all questions!

If you have specific questions, please contact liz@cleanenergyleaders.org or nate@cleanenergyleaders.org.

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