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With programs operating in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA, the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to developing a diverse community of experts to lead the transition to a clean energy economy. CELI believes technological innovation, financial creativity, and increasing public engagement are essential to solving our complex global energy and climate challenges.

We equip young professionals entering the workforce with the skills and expertise to capitalize on these trends and lead the transition to a clean energy economy. Over the last five years, CELI has trained over 500 young professionals across 250+ organizations in clean energy policy, finance and technology.


Our signature Fellowship Program provides young clean energy professionals who exhibit strong leadership potential with interdisciplinary educational training, leadership development, and a supportive professional community.

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“As someone with a strictly technical background, this was the most effective way I could imagine to get involved with the broader clean energy network. The quality of the program was only matched by the leaders' enthusiasm. I would highly recommend CELI to anyone remotely interested in clean energy development.”

Mark Hughes, Engineer for Sila Nanotechnologies

SF Fellow Spring 2018

Clean Energy Education

CELI partners with universities, companies, and additional energy networks to create Clean Energy 101 educational programs for students and entry level professionals.

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our partners

CELI’s programs are made possible by the generous support of our partners. Join us today as we empower the next generation to lead the transition to a clean energy economy.

Email Liz Dalton, CELI Executive Director, at for more information.

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