Clean Energy Leadership Institute

Fellowship Program

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Program Overview

CELI’s signature Fellowship Program attracts young professionals with diverse backgrounds and equips them with technical knowledge of the clean energy sector. CELI fellows learn the fundamentals of clean energy technology, policy, business and finance while connecting with experts across the public and private sectors. The program consists of weekly two-hour seminar sessions taught by influential thought leaders and expert practitioners in the field, and leadership development training.

Upon acceptance, CELI Fellows join an active, connected network that offers ongoing educational and leadership development events. In addition, CELI facilitates connections between our Fellows and a robust professional network to enable career mentorship.  Through our unique approach of providing education and fostering a dynamic community of experts and peers, CELI is bridging the gap between today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.


Applications for CELI’s 2019 Fellowship will open on November 30, 2018

Washington, DC + San Francisco, CA


For each Fellowship class, CELI brings together a group of dedicated, passionate and engaged young professionals who have the desire to advance the clean energy economy and the aptitude to be a next-generation leader.

Competitive applicants will possess:

  • Passion for the future of clean energy and conviction that a new generation of leaders is needed to advance the transition to a clean energy economy.

  • Aspiration to lead and a commitment to deepen their knowledge of clean energy policy, regulation, finance, and innovation. These are individuals who understand the importance of collaboration and actively seek out others whose expertise may be outside their own.

  • Belief in the value of a strong community, especially as it may serve to enhance personal and professional goals. CELI members are committed to building ties and friendships that will endure throughout their professional lives.

  • For each class, we seek individuals with unique backgrounds and a vision for the future. They can demonstrate this in a multitude of ways:

    • Policy expertise in government, academia, non-profit or law

    • Business acumen or analytical skills in for-profit companies and organizations

    • Communications expertise from consulting, speech writing, and journalism

    • Grassroots organizing and advocacy

    • Entrepreneurship and business development

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