8:00am Registration Open + Coffee

9:00am Welcome and Opening Keynote: Emily Kirsch, Founder and CEO, Powerhouse

9:30am Executive Session: How Far We’ve Come and the Road Ahead

10:15am Workshop: A Framework for Designing a Zero-Carbon Energy System

11:15am Circuit Breakouts: Facing the Facts of Where We Are Today

How The Grid Was Built: Understanding Our Nation’s Electricity Infrastructure

The Realities of Fossil Fuels Beyond Electricity  

How “Clean” is the supply chain?

Finance Frameworks

12:15pm Networking Lunch

1:15pm Leadership Panel: Achieving Deep Decarbonization

2:00pm Workshops: Deep Decarbonization Deep Dives

Equitable Electrification

Designing Policies to Decarbonize the Economy

Beyond Electrification: Decarbonizing Heavy-Duty Power Users

The Road to Carbon-Free Mobility

3:00pm Workshop Debriefs

3:30pm Closing Keynote: Building Climate Resilient Communities

4:00pm CELI emPOWER 2019 Awards Ceremony 

5:00pm The Career Building Happy Hour